The Covenant Federated Church came into being on May 16, 1968 when the Christian and the Presbyterian Churches of Kentland became one family. First Services were held in the newly built church building on February 16, 1975. The New building was dedicated to the Glory of God on October 12, 1975. Friends, former members, and the pastors joined together on October 14, 1984 for the Mortgage Burning Ceremony.

On May 3, 1992 a beautiful new sanctuary was dedicated. We now have a no step facility that can be used by members and the community for almost any event conceivable. There are numerous in our website for you to view.

Over the years of the joint history, the venture has been remarkably successful. Yet, the tenacity
with which they have worked to mold themselves into one body is not surprising
when one considers their individual histories.

The Presbyterian Church arrived on the local scene first. In October of 1867, a Presbyterian Church with ten charter members was organized formally from a group which had been meeting together for seven years. They first gathered in a store loft and later in a hotel lobby. In 1870, they erected a small frame building on a piece of property at the corner of Third and Carroll St which was given to them by Mr. Alexander J. Kent. In 1896, they dedicated a new red brick structure. This was occupied until the federation occurred. During this period of time, over 89 families had joined the church and brought their Christian influence to bear in the community. Rev. John A. Watson was the Presbyterian pastor who helped to organize the Covenant Federated Church.

The Christian Church was organized in 1876 with 19 charter members. A building was purchased from the Board of Trustees of the United Brethren Church. The building was constructed in 1866 and occupied until 1906 when they erected the familiar red brick structure at the corner of Graham and Second St. They were joined in 1924 by the congregation of Pleasant Grove Christian Church and continued to meet in the same building, even after the federation with the Presbyterian Church. At the time of the federation, the Christian Church also listed 80 families on its official rolls. Rev C.N. Stevenson, the Christian pastor, also helped to organize the Covenant Federated Church and served as its pastor for the first three years.

We invite you to let us know if you are interested in a more full history.

The following is our Covenant with one another.

We, the members of the First Christian and the First Presbyterian Churches, for a more unified and effective witness to the Christian Gospel in Kentland and around the world, hereby establish this covenant to govern our united congregation in all its faith and work to the end that our orderly conduct may be to the glory of our risen Lord and to the growth of His Church.

It is our firm hope that Covenant Federated Church will not only be a united but a uniting Church, always open to new unions and new forms of the Church in the years ahead. One of our basic principles is the unity of the Congregations.

It is our intent that there be only one Congregation, unified in its witness, mission, and organization; and sharing directly in the heritage and programs of two great Protestant Churches.

We seek the blessing and guidance of our Lord in this and all our activities, both now and as long as His church shall last; that to God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit our Guide be eternal praise and honor and blessing.