Covenant Federated Church
Revised - May 2010


Plan early. Contact the Minister or church office at least twelve months before the ceremony, if possible. This is advisable, not only to clear the date on the church calendar, but to give adequate time for counseling and preparations.


In order to adequately prepare the couple for the ceremony, the minister may wish to have a number of interviews and counseling sessions before the ceremony. In these sessions he/she will discuss with the couple those many new areas of life for which they must prepare themselves.

Through this type of guided preparation, the couple will come to have a deeper understanding of the Christian meaning of their life together and also be encouraged to make any
necessary adjustments before the ceremony.


The current minister must be contacted regarding all weddings at Covenant Federated Church. If another minister is requested, that request must be approved by the Cabinet.


Concerning the cermony, there are three guiding principles to keep in mind:
FIRST, this is a religious rite, not a social pageant, and therefore the prevailing mood, the conduct of the people and the attitude of the wedding party is to be guided by this thought - we are in the presence of God, engaged in a form of worship.

SECOND, even though the wedding is a religious service of worship, it is not necessary to follow an order of service written hundreds of years ago. Many couples today want their wedding to reflect modern trends in worship, including various kinds of music, and vows, which they have written themselves. The coule is encouraged to take part in creating their own ceremony.

THIRD, remember this is your wedding and should reflect your tastes and customs, not the dictates of some "authority of social etiquette". Don't let the joy of your wedding and the balance in your checkbook be spoiled by your efforts to do everything "proper and by the book". Those many items, like the time of the ceremony, the dress, the seating arrangement and the reception details are things which should reflect your own taste and budget.

The prospective bride and groom will work with the minister (and wedding consultant if used) on the details of the celebration which keep a balance between personal tastes,
religious traditions and the proprieties of social customs.


If the marriage is to be small (with no music or processional) a rehearsal is probably not necessary. However, if the couple anticipates the traditional march with bridesmaids, groomsmen, and special music, then a rehearsal is usually necessary. This requires about one hour
and is usually conducted the night before the ceremony.
The couple is asked to have everyone in the wedding party present at the rehearsal.


The beauty and dignity of a wedding is greatly enhanced by music. However, in as much as the wedding is a religious service when it is held in the church, the music should be in keeping with the regular standards for music at Covenant Federated Church. There is, however, a great deal of latitude in this area, and pieces of secular music can be used when they seem appropriate to the ideals of worship. All details concerning music must be decided in cooperation and approved by the minister.


In order to preserve a pictoral record of this high point in life, the couple may wish to engage a professional photographer. He/she should be informed of the rules concerning pictures at weddings by discussing these with the minister before the wedding cermony begins.
It has also become common for weddings to be video-taped. If a videographer is to be used for this purpose, they too must meet with the minsiter before the wedding ceremony begins to discuss rules involving this activity.


The couple may wish to have their wedding reception in the Fellowship Room at the church immediately following the ceremony. This Practice has not only proven convenient,
but more economical for most people.
Alcohol and Drug use is prohibited on church premises.

The following fee structure will be used for all weddings:

Bride or Groom Member of Covenant Federated Church
Building Use - Free
Organist - $125.00
Custodial Fee - $50.00
All other:
Building Use - $250.00
Organist - $125.00
Custodial Fee - $50.00
A $200.00 REFUNDABLE damage deposit will be required for all weddings. This fee is due at the first interview with the minister. All other fees are due one week prior to the ceremony. The deposit will be returned thirty (30) days following the ceremony if no damage or loss has ocurred.


The Church Cabinet has requested that no rice or bird seed be thrown either inside or outside the church building. The rice or bird seed become hazardous when thrown on the floors, and there is a major cleaning problem as it is carried inside on the clothing of those in the wedding party.

It is the policy of Covenant Federated Church that no wedding service will take place at Covenant Federated or be officiated by a minister of Covenant Federated if a member of the wedding party is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during the rehearsal or at the time of the wedding service.
This policy is strictly enforced.

May the Lord bless and guide you as you prepare for the occasion of your marriage